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Cheap Life Insurance No Exam

Cheap life insurance is something everyone should consider. It’s interesting to see the results of recent studies that suggest almost half of consumers believe they need more life insurance. Even homeowners, parents, and business owners who don’t have any life insurance at all say that they mostly haven’t purchased a policy because nobody has offered them one yet. Some consumers also say that they don’t think they can afford coverage.

We provide a simple way to find quality offers for cheap life insurance. You can start your search for life insurance quotes right here by filling out our quick quote form. In return, you will see offers from the best ┬árated life insurance companies in the country. If you’d like, click through any of these local offers to get more information or contact details for live agents.

Finding Good and Cheap Life Insurance

For cheap life insurance, the best bet often is fully underwritten term life. This really is no-hassle life insurance because the insurance company will pay for and schedule a short exam that usually only requires about ten or fifteen minutes. Fully underwritten policies are usually the most affordable solution for families with children or a home mortgage to cover.

Fully underwritten term life insurance: Because the insurance company can gather all the information they require, they are able to offer their preferred rates for healthy people with good health habits. Even people who have some health issues, should still be able to get coverage by paying somewhat more. The main drawback of this kind of coverage is that it usually takes a few weeks to get policies put in force.

No-Hassle Life Insurance Companies Online

No exam life insurance online: Today, there are many online life insurance companies that offer affordable premiums and a quick application process. These convenient and no-hassle life insurance companies will take applications online, and they don’t require a physical. A simplified issue policy like this might still ask health questions about preexisting conditions and lifestyle choices, like smoking. However, some no-exam life insurance companies can even put a policy in force within hours or days for a fairly affordable price.

Affordable Life Insurance Over 50

You can still find cheap life insurance over 50 if you shop wisely. Depending upon your age, these are some of the types of policies to consider.

Term life insurance over 50: You can still find some companies that offer term to people in their fifties, sixties, and even sometimes, their seventies. These are usually 10- to 20-year term policies. For relatively healthy applicants who want cheap quotes, these are a good option to consider. We even offer cheap life insurance for seniors without an exam.

Whole life insurance over 50: As people get older, they may begin to give more thought to buying permanent life insurance policies. As long as permanent policies have their premiums paid, they provide lifetime coverage. There are also a couple of good, cheap life insurance for seniors plans out there.

Why Buy Affordable Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a critical part of personal financial planning for most middle-class families. Parents, people who owe money on their mortgage, spouses, and people who have a small business might hope to find a way to leave behind a legacy so their loved ones can remain comfortable. Life insurance policies provide a cash benefit upon the death of the person who is insured, and this is the primary reason most people use life insurance for their personal financial planning.

However, whole and universal life insurance policies can also grow a cash value. Even though people shouldn’t consider life insurance an investment, it can have some ability to grow a secure asset. Another advantage of buying life insurance is that the benefits usually have tax advantages over other types of financial products.

What Are the Best Life Insurance Companies?

For most consumers, premiums are important. It is absolutely worth it to compare life insurance premiums because they can vary quite a bit for the same applicant across different companies. However, consumers should also consider other important things about their long-term contract with an insurance company. We’re compiling a list of the best rated life insurance companies in 2016. This could include the financial rating and customer service record of any insurers that they consider.

According to a Consumer Affair’s survey, these companies rated strongly:

Of course, other surveys rank companies differently. It’s a good idea to compare term life insurance quotes, pick out a handful of good offers, and then do some research on the few companies that you are considering. As you begin the quoting and application process, you can also get a good sense for the way that each company does business. However, you can also find plenty of ranking and rating information about different insurers on the Internet. Your own state’s insurance department might be a good place to begin.

Find Cheap Life Insurance Online

Of course, premiums will be different for people because of their age, health, the amount of coverage they want to buy, and the kind of life insurance they choose. Insurers also tend to charge different rates in different states or counties. However, it’s important to understand that insurers will charge different amounts for the exact same applicant and policy type. That’s why it is so important to shop around for the best deal on affordable life insurance.

Let us help you with our online life insurance quotes system. All you need to do is complete the form to see a list of insurers that are eager to help you find affordable coverage. Once you see your quotes, you will be able to click each offer to get more details or find contact information. In some cases, you can even start your application on the Internet. We hope to help you finally buy that life insurance that you already suspect that you need. If you have any other life insurance questions, please give us a call.