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Reasons Life Insurance Is Denied

Why is life insurance denied?

The number of people who are interested in purchasing a cheap life insurance plan continues to rise every year. There’s a good reason for that, life insurance is more affordable than ever thanks to the Internet. However, many people who apply for an affordable life insurance plan without a medical exam often experience a denial of coverage. There are many reasons that a life insurance company may deny an application. In this article we’ve listed several reasons life insurance is denied:

Health Issues

Usually one of the main reasons life insurance is denied to an applicant is some sort of health issue. This can include obesity, diabetes or some other disease like cancer. If you’re shopping for an affordable no exam life insurance policy your best bet in securing life insurance is to be in relatively good health. 

Also, if you’re a smoker or a tobacco user, your application for life insurance could be denied. Although some companies offer no exam life insurance for smokers, if you quit smoking you’ll have a greater chance of getting insured. No matter what kind of life insurance policy you’re applying for, make sure you are open and honest about your health condition.

High Risk Employment 

Some no exam life insurance companies shy away from covering people who they think have a risky job. If you’re a commercial fisherman or pilot a life insurance company may choose to deny you coverage. Construction workers, especially roofers may face denial of coverage from a life insurance company.

If you do have a high-risk job and you’re finding it difficult to get life insurance, check with your employer. They may offer life insurance coverage as part of our overall compensation plan.

Extreme Sports

Another reason life insurance is denied is if the applicant is involved in some sort of extreme sport like sky diving or racing. When you’re applying for a term life insurance without a medical exam, you’ll still have to answer some questions about your extra curricular activities. If you ride a motorcycle, you may also face denial of life insurance coverage.

These are just a few reasons life insurance is denied. If you have recently applied for a cheap term life insurance policy and you’ve been denied, it’s important to contact an agent who can speak directly to the life insurance underwriter and many times they can find out exactly why your life insurance policy was denied. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting an updated exam or test done to show your health condition.