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Cheap Life Insurance for Diabetics

Cheap life insurance for diabetics is available, you just have to know where to look.  We’ve helped many diabetics find cheap life insurance.  There are several great life insurance companies out there that specialize in cheap life insurance for people with pre-existing conditions.  We can help you figure out which company and policy will best fit your needs.

Different Types of Diabetes

Type 1 – Typically Type 1 Diabetes occurs before the age of 30.  Those who are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes have bodies that don’t produce insulin and they need to take insulin for treatment.  Type 1 Diabetes is sometimes referred to as child or juvenile diabetes.

Type 2 – Type 2 Diabetes is know as adult onset or simply adult diabetes.  Those who are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes have bodies that don’t produce enough insulin naturally. There are great treatment options out there for those who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes as well.

Gestational Diabetes – Gestational Diabetes, many times, affects those who are pregnant.  This is not the type of diabetes as those with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.  Many times Gestational Diabetes is resolved after pregnancy.  The good news is finding a cheap life insurance policy isn’t usually a problem and most of the time you won’t have any problem getting coverage.

Life Insurance Underwriting for Diabetics

Because many of our clients are looking for no exam life insurance for diabetics, we’ve worked hard to zero in on which life insurance companies offer the best policies for those who are affected by Type 1, Type 2 or Gestational Diabetes.  We also know which life insurance companies to avoid if you have diabetes.

Most life insurance underwriters will want to review your health history as well as your current health situation as it relates to diabetes.  The goal is to best understand your situation and which life insurance company would be the best fit for you.

Life Insurance Guaranteed

It used to be that if you had Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes your only option when it came to life insurance was what’s called a guaranteed issue policy.  These tended to be expensive policies, to say the least.  The good news is most of the time we can help people with diabetes quality for a cheap life insurance policy that will still provide adequate coverage.

Life Insurance and Diabetes Control

One of the important things we do is review your diabetes information and figure out what category you fit in based on your diabetes control.  Life insurance underwriters will often classify your unique health situation in one of the following general categories.

The most important review life insurance underwriters will do is measure control of your HbA1c levels.  As you may know, this helps us understand how your diabetes is controlled over a specific period of time.

If your HbAlc is below 7 you most likely don’t have complications from your diabetes and you are able to keep your cholesterol and blood pressure under control.  If this is the case and your weight is ideal, you eat healthy and exercise, we consider this a “best case scenario” for getting you great life insurance coverage. This is important for families looking for cheap life insurance for families.

If your HbAlc is higher than 9 and you suffer from vascular disease, kidney problems or have a stroke, we consider this a “worst case scenario” for getting life insurance coverage.  If you are overweight, smoke or have a hard time controlling your diabetes this could make it more difficult to get a good life insurance policy.

We Can Help

Regardless of how severe your diabetes may be, we’ll help you find the right policy to give you the coverage you need.  Feel free to shop and compare quotes here on our site by entering in your zip-code on the right side of the page.  If you have any other questions about no exam life insurance for diabetics, please feel free to contact one of our licensed agents.