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No Exam Life Insurance for Smokers

Are you a smoker looking for cheap life insurance? No exam life insurance for smokers isn’t easy to find, but some companies will provide coverage for tobacco users in 2017. In the US, the Center for Disease Control, or CDC, says almost 20 percent of adults smoke. Meanwhile, the CDC links smoking to about half a million deaths a year. Since smoking is a risky health habit, life insurance companies may charge two to four times more than for average term life insurance policies. On the other hand, it is a mistake to think that you cannot find affordable, no exam life insurance for smokers. We also specialize in life insurance for seniors even after 70.

People who smoke need to shop around for affordable life insurance even more than nonsmokers do. Other things that your rates will depend upon include your age, general health, where you live, and the insurance company that you choose to work with. To compare cheap life insurance quotes, simply enter your ZIP code in the form on this page. You can compare life insurance rates from your PC or smartphone, and many quality insurers also accept applications over the Internet or by phone.

Shopping And Comparing Cheap Life Insurance For Smokers in 2017

If you smoke a couple of packs of cigarettes every day, you will probably get classified as a smoker by a life insurance company. Typical life insurance company applications may ask if you have used any tobacco products in the last 12 months, but a few insurers have begun to differentiate between daily smokers and people who may only enjoy a cigar, pipe, or cigarette after occasional social events. There is a chance you’ll have to fulfill a life insurance nicotine test if you have a history of smoking.

If you’re a little older and have been a smoker most of your adult life, we do also help our clients find affordable life insurance for seniors. We work with companies that specialize in term life insurance for seniors, even if they’re smokers. Colonial Penn Life Insurance rates for instance are often a great option for finding life insurance for seniors over 70. They offer term life insurance rates by age which helps you get guaranteed coverage.

If you only light up once in awhile, it is worth looking for a life insurer who will give you the nonsmoker rate. If you can’t find an insurer who will give you nonsmoker rates, the good news is that you can quit smoking for at least 12 months, contact your life insurance company, and get your premiums reduced to nonsmoker rates. Even if you plan to quit in the future, you should still consider an affordable term life insurance plan now. Your family needs the protection, and you can ask to have your premiums dropped if you ever do quit smoking.

Compare Life Insurance Quotes for Smokers in 2017

These are things to keep in mind about applying for no exam life insurance for smokers. First of all tour insurer might verify your answers against third-party sources like your doctor or the Medical Information Bureau (MIB). Second, if you do happen to pass away for a tobacco-related illness, you can bet that your insurer will investigate before they pay benefits, and those benefits could get denied if you weren’t entirely truthful on your application. Finally, even if use tobacco regularly, you can still get cheap life insurance quotes by being in good health and having other good health habits. For example, a person who smokes and is either overweight or suffers from a chronic health problem is likely to have a tougher time finding affordable life insurance than a person who just smokes.

Your good medical history and shopping around for the best rates will go a long ways towards ensuring that you can find cheap rates. However, premiums will also hinge on the type and amount of life insurance you choose, so you can always adjust these things to find a policy that works with your budget. Get started by using our online system to get cheap life insurance quotes. Enter your ZIP code and browse top companies that are eager to compete for your business.