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Life Insurance for Cigar Smokers

Today many people are turning to the Internet to find no exam life insurance for smokers. Many people who are searching for cheap life insurance for smokers only light up once in a great while. For instance, you make smoke an occasional cigar and so you might be wondering if life insurance companies will cover you if you’re honest about your smoking habits. The good news is, you can find life insurance if you are an occasional cigar smoker. Many life insurance today designate occasional cigar smokers in Non-Smoker Plus category. If you’re interested in enrolling in a life insurance plan and you smoke infrequently we can help.

Non-Smoker Plus coverage for the occasional cigar smoker is pretty affordable overall. You can usually find a cheap life insurance plan without an exam online. As you probably already know, an affordable life insurance plan can help offset the expenses your family would face after you die. This can include final expense or burial insurance. The average funeral today can cost almost ten thousand dollars so even a cheap whole life insurance plan could be a smart option. We even offer cheap life insurance for seniors without an exam. 

No exam life insurance for smokers is sold from various companies including John Hancock Life Insurance Company, Prudential Life Insurance Company and Mutual of Omaha Life Insurance company just to name a few. You can compare no exam life insurance for free online using websites like this one. You just enter your zip code at the top of the page and we’ll find several cheap no exam life insurance plans in your home state. If you find something you would like more information give us a call using the toll free phone number at the top of the page. We have licensed insurance agents ready to answer your questions about life insurance for cigar smokers or any other insurance questions you may have.

If you occasionally light up and enjoy a fine cigar, don’t let that keep you from investing in a cheap life insurance policy. There are options out there for you if you know where to look.

Prices and rates for life insurance vary by age, health and location. It’s important to remember that quotes or rates on this site are not binding. The average 40 year old who smokes an occasional cigar will obviously pay a different amount than a 20 year old in good health. This is why it’s important to compare life insurance rates online.