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Life Insurance for Smokers in Good Health

There are many people today who are turning to the Internet to find cheap life insurance without a medical exam. The main reason is that they are interested in finding no hassle life insurance. For many people cheap life insurance no exam is their best option. Many of those looking to compare rates are also interested in no exam life insurance for smokers.

Many people may be wondering if they can find life insurance for smokers who are healthy. This is something to consider and we hope to shed some light on this subject in this article.

The reality is tobacco users will have a more difficult time finding cheap life insurance. The reason is many life insurance companies prefer to provide coverage to healthier individuals. This doesn’t mean that you can’t find life insurance for tobacco users; it just means your options will be limited.

We work with some to the best rated life insurance companies in the nation including those who do offer some life insurance policies for smokers. When you begin the application process for life insurance it’s important to be honest with the company you’re applying for coverage with.

If you ever get incentivized to quit smoking and buy life insurance, you will see your options broaden for finding a great term life insurance policy. Many new parents who are smokers decide that life insurance is more important that smoking and kick the habit in order to get coverage.

How much life insurance you need varies by individual. Some things to consider would be how many dependents you have, how much debt you’re in and how long it will be till you pay off your mortgage. Term life insurance should be a part of everyone’s personal financial planning.

We recently helped a forty two year old father of four get a $250,000 term life insurance policy from Banner Life Insurance for right around $57 a month. He wasn’t a smoker.

If you’re a little older and looking for cheap life insurance for seniors without a medical exam we’ve got you covered. We offer some of the cheapest life insurance for seniors on the net.

Whether you’re shopping for life insurance quotes in New York or term life insurance in San Antonio, we can help you shop and compare rates using our state of the art quote system. Simply enter your zip code at the top of the page to get started.