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No Exam Life Insurance for Marijuana Users

With the recent changes to Marijuana laws throughout the United States, many people who are cannabis users are turning to the internet wondering if they can qualify for a life insurance policy even if they smoke weed. Currently, there are at least twenty five states where marijuana is legal and it’s increasing probably that more states will allow the legalization of the Mary Jane. A no exam life insurance for smokers policy is a viable option for marijuana smokers.

It used to be that people who smoked marijuana were looked down upon. However, thanks to an increasing progressive view of Americans and the added medicinal benefits of cannabis, using marijuana in some form is no longer taboo. Cities like Denver, San Francisco and New York City are easing their marijuana laws for a variety of reasons. The good news is, some of the best rated life insurance companies out there are no allowing marijuana smokers to gain the important life insurance coverage they need and deserve.

Now it’s important to note, not all life insurance companies offer no exam life insurance for smokers. However, the number of reputable life insurance providers continues to rise throughout the United States meaning that if you use smoke cigarettes, pipes, cigars and even marijuana, there’s a good chance we can find you a company that will give you the life insurance coverage you need. Cheap life insurance for smokers is becoming easier to find thanks to online life insurance quotes comparisons. Many times you can even fill out a life insurance application online.

Increasing life insurance underwriters are facing questions from people who are curious if they can get cheap life insurance as a marijuana smoker or user. There are several life insurance companies out there, you just have to know where to look. We specialize in inexpensive life insurance including life insurance with cash value.

When shopping for life insurance rates for tobacco users or marijuana users, we recommend starting locally. In other words, speak to a licensed life insurance agent in your city or town and ask about a local life insurance company in your state. If you’re unable to get an underwriter to grant you a policy in your area, you can compare cheap life insurance rates for smokers on the Internet. By expanding your search you may find a life insurance company that covers in smokers in another state like New York, Florida or California. Larger markets tend to offer more options.

One thing to remember, you will probably may more for life insurance as a marijuana user than a non smoker. Please remember term life insurance rates will vary by age, health and location. We only work with good life insurance companies that offer superior service and coverage.

If you have other questions about low cost term life insurance, give us a call. We even offer cheap life insurance for seniors without an exam.