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Life Insurance Nicotine Test

The truth is that the average life expectancy for smokers is as much as a decade shorter than the life expectancy is for people who don’t smoke. This is not a comment about the health of anybody in particular, but life insurance companies do use these statistics when they set rates. That is why life insurance for smokers may cost quite a bit more than life insurance for people who don’t smoke. It’s still possible to find no exam life insurance for smokers, but it’s never a good idea to try to hide tobacco use.

We can help you find no-hassle life insurance for smokers. Simply get online quotes by using the quote box on this page. In moments, you’ll see competitive offers from a number of top insurance carriers.

Life Insurance for Smokers

Even if you aren’t required to take a medical exam, you should still disclose your tobacco use. If you don’t, insurers could use this as a reason to deny benefits later. Some insurers may allow you to apply as a nonsmoker if you occasionally smoke a cigar or pipe. It’s always a good idea to ask first.

What about e-cigarettes and life insurance? Again, some applications might ask about any tobacco use. If you do have to take a nicotine test, tobacco use will show up if you vape, chew, or smoke. You might be able to find a company that will consider electronic cigarettes as a different thing than regular cigarettes, but this question should be resolved before you buy coverage.

Life insurance nicotine test: Increasingly, insurers are checking for nicotine in a blood test. They may also check with a urine or saliva test. A hair test will be the toughest one to pass because it will uncover the use of tobacco for a much longer time. If you smoked cigars a week ago, there may not be evidence with the other tests, but evidence may still be in your hair.

Home nicotine tests: If you want to be sure that you don’t have nicotine in your urine, for example, you can purchase a home test at many pharmacies. If you visited a bar where people were smoking, for example, it might be reasonable to check yourself. On the other hand, we don’t suggest using these home tests to to try to fool life insurance companies. Lying on an application can be a serious offense.

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The best way to get cheap life insurance for smokers is to compare quotes from different insurers. After you submit our simple quote box, you will see a list of local offers. You are welcome to see your quotes, ask for more information, and even begin your application over the Internet.