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The Top 10 Best Rated Life Insurance Companies for 2018

If you’re wondering who has the best life insurance companies in the country, we’ve got you covered. We work with some of the top life insurance companies in the nation to bring you the right coverage at an affordable price. When you’re shopping for a cheap life insurance policy, it’s important to find a plan that fits your needs. A life insurance plan should be catered to your family’s specific needs. This is why it’s so important that we use only top rated life insurance companies. We also offer cheap life insurance for seniors without exam.

When it comes to finding a good no exam life insurance company in 2016, the best thing you can do is review the companies ratings. This is easy to do thanks to the Internet. Not only can you shop and compare cheap life insurance quotes online, you can also read reviews from customers just like. This will help you choose the highest rated life insurance company in your area.

When comparing the top no exam life insurance companies  it’s important to consider several factors as you look. The biggest life insurance companies seem like the right place to look, but not always. Some companies cater to high-risk individuals. Other companies offer life insurance to those with disabilities. Several of the companies we work with offer no exam life insurance. Life insurance quotes over 50 may also be important.

If you’re unsure which plan is best for you, we recommend starting with the best term life insurance companies. The reason is, no exam term life insurance is still one of the best plans you can buy. They offer competitive premiums with a variety of cash value policies. Most people find them to be some of the cheapest and easiest policies to start with.

Good life insurance companies also have good ratings from the Better Business Bureau. You can start by comparing the life insurance company rankings in your area, whether you live in the Mid West, the East Coast or the West Coast. You can use the search tool on this site to get started. Simply enter in your zip code or pick your state from the drop down box. We’ll find you several competitive quotes from the highest rated insurance companies in your state.

We understand that your time and your money are important to you. That’s why we want to connect you with the best life insurance companies to work with. Most people aren’t looking for the worst life insurance companies, they want the best, and we do too.

Top Life Insurance Companies in the USA

Of course, one of the most difficult things about buying no exam life insurance is finding the right company. Because insurers, policies, and rates can vary by area, it isn’t possibly to say that there is one best life insurance company for everybody. Even for the same applicant, premiums may vary a lot between top local life insurers.

Compare life insurance companies before making a purchase!

We’d like to invite you to take advantage of the fast and simple life insurance quotes on this website. The simple quote form takes moments to use, and it’s totally free and without obligation. Just fill it out, submit the form, and see your quotes. If you see attractive offers for your city or town, you can click through each entry to get more information.

Top Life Insurance Companies in the US by Revenue

Of course, most insurers are in the game to make money. For that reason, they are often ranked by the amount of revenue they collect each year. Of course, most of these companies don’t just sell life policies but also health insurance, annuities, and other products.

Top Ten Life Insurance Companies by Revenue in millions of US Dollars:

  • MetLife: $70,641
  • Prudential: 49,045
  • New York Life: 34,394
  • TIAA: 34,079
  • Northwestern: 24,861
  • Mass Mutual: 24,226
  • AFLAC: 22,171
  • Lincoln: 10,636
  • Guardian: 10,571
  • Genworth: 10,344

These revenues include include income from premiums, annuities, and investments. The list is based upon a Fortune 500 ranking by category. Some of these companies could also rank in other categories. In other words, some companies may not rank the same if they were only ranked by life policy premiums.

Where are Biggest Life Insurance Companies in the US Located?

Insurance companies can do business in any state that they are duly licensed in. Most of the largest ones can sell policies in any of the 50 states, Washington DC, Puerto Rico, and even other US territories. Customers might purchase their policies directly from life insurance companies, online, or through a local agent.

There are also American insurers who do business overseas. Likewise, some companies actually report to a parent corporation that is based overseas.

These large U.S. cities are ranked by population and have the most American insurance headquarters:

  • New York City, New York: 8,336,697
  • Los Angeles, California: 3,857,799
  • Chicago, Illinois: 2,714,856
  • Houston, Texas: 2,160,821
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: 1,547,607
  • Phoenix, Arizona: 1,488,750
  • San Antonio, Texas: 1,382,951
  • San Diego, California: 1,338,348
  • Dallas, Texas: 1,241,162
  • San Jose, California: 982,765

The Best Life Insurance Company by Customer Satisfaction

Typically, the largest life insurers have gotten that way because they do a good job of offering good products, fair billing practices, and of course, great customer service. However, that doesn’t mean that the largest company is always the best. In some cases, smaller companies really do try harder. They might also be smaller because they invest more in providing good products for the customers that they do serve. Since most people hold onto their life policies a long time, it is worth checking out ratings of the best life insurance companies by customer satisfaction.

There are plenty of insurance company review sites that can help new life insurance customers get an idea about what to expect from different companies. This is one survey conducted by a major insurance website. It’s based upon a survey of the percentage of customers who would recommend an insurer to other people.

These are the top life insurance companies by the percentage of past customers who would recommend the insurer to other people:

  • Jackson Life Insurance Company: 88 percent
  • AccuQuote Life Insurance Company Review: 77 percent
  • Prudential Life Insurance Company: 73 percent
  • New York Life Life Insurance Company: 73 percent
  • AIG Life Insurance Company: 72 percent

This is only one survey. But it’s interesting to note that the companies that ranked well are not the same ones who were the top companies by revenue. To be fair, these are still all very large companies. For example, State Farm is one of the largest car and home insurers, and they also happen to see life insurance policies.

Also, companies with smaller revenues might still have very strong financial ratings. Every one of the life insurance companies listed here has a rating of A or better for financial strength. Of course, consumers will want to do business with an insurer that manages their own business very well. That ensures they will be able to make good on their obligations and invest in good service for their customers.

What Do US Life Insurance Companies Cover?

Of course, there are different types of policies. The most commonly discussed are whole, term, and universal life. Different policies from the same or different insurers might also have different coverage. However, this describes the basics of what no exam life insurance covers.

The main feature of a policy is an agreement to pay the beneficiaries upon the death of the insured person. Most policies pay no matter how the insured person dies, but there are some policies that only pay for a death by a specified reason. For example, a consumer might buy a policy that only covers accidental death. Also, many contracts will pay more for an accidental death than a death by illness or accidental causes.

What doesn’t life insurance cover? If an insurance company finds that a person made material misstatements on an application, they might refuse payment. These aren’t minor oversights, like forgetting to mention a traffic ticket from two years in the past. They are large oversights that could include neglecting to mention a bout of cancer or a chronic health condition. Even if insurers don’t require a physical, it’s important to answer application questions accurately.

How Do Guaranteed Acceptance Life Insurance Companies Work?

It’s very common to see advertisements for insurance policies that don’t require the answers to any health questions at all. How do life insurance companies make money when they don’t do any health underwriting? After all, wouldn’t a lot of people sign up for these types of policies when they already know they have serious health issues.

These insurers will impose a waiting period instead of using health underwriting to screen applicants. This period could last for two or three years. Before that, the insurer may offer to give beneficiaries back their premiums. Sometimes they will even offer a refund with interest. In other cases, the company might pay a percentage of the total death benefit if the insured person doesn’t survive the waiting period.

These policies also usually cost more than coverage that requires the answers to some medical history questions. This only makes sense because insurers take a bigger risk. If possible, it’s almost always better to go through health underwriting to get cheaper premiums.

Insurers don’t always decline coverage just because of a chronic disease, especially if it is well managed. However, they might charge more for people with health issues. Still, they will probably charge even more if they don’t have a chance to learn about an applicant’s health in advance.

Kinds of Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance doesn’t have to be that complicated. There are some hybrid policies that are fairly complex. However, most consumers choose from one of these three main kinds of life insurance:

  • Term: The policies are purchased for a set term, and once they expire, they don’t have any value. However, they are the cheapest kind of coverage and good for people who want to afford larger amounts of coverage.
  • Whole Life: These permanent policies don’t expire as long as they are either paid up or paid for. They can grow a cash value, and some may pay interest on the cash value.
  • Universal Life: This is another kind of permanent coverage that grows a cash value. It’s different from whole life because the cash account is kept more distinct from the insurance account.

How to Compare Life Insurance Companies

Size, financial stability, and customer ratings might be important considerations when choosing between different providers. However, most people are also interested in the premiums. Different insurers really might vary in price by hundreds of dollars a year. Because there are so many different companies to chose from in the United States, it’s important to find an easy way to compare life insurance companies online.

To obtain quick life insurance quotes, simply fill out our simple quote form. We give you an easy way to compare local companies all on one page. If you would like more information, you are free to click through any of the entries. In some cases, you can even buy your life insurance online.

If you have any other questions, call the toll free number at the top of the page to speak with a licensed life insurance agent.