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Cuna Life Insurance Company Review

*Please note, we’re not affiliated with Cuna Life Insurance Company. This is simple a review.

Cuna Life Insurance Company is usually marketed under the name of the Cuna Mutual Group. The parent company was established over 80 years ago and focuses mainly on offering products to credit unions and members of those credit unions. TruStage is the operating name of the marketing subsidiary that offers products directly from the insurance company to customers. They’re regularly been rated when of the best rated life insurance companies in the nation.

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Cuna Life Insurance Company

Most insurance shoppers want to know how much their coverage will cost. Finding cheap quotes is one of the things that we can help you with. However, insurance professionals also suggest looking for companies with a long history of financial strength.

This company has been actively serving clients for over eight decades. In addition, Cuna has been awarded an A, for excellent, rating by A.M. Best. Also, Cuna paid out benefits of $1.5 billion during 2014. Consumers who want a reliable and financially strong insurer are likely to be satisfied with Cuna.

The company offers a variety of different life insurance products for consumers. These include no hassle insurance that can be applied for without having to get a physical exam. They also offer no exam life insurance for smokers. In addition Cuna also offers health insurance and retirement products, like annuities.

How to Compare Cuna Life Insurance Quotes With Other Companies

While most people hope to find cheap life insurance, most policies get priced by the age and health of the applicant. Typically, smokers also cost more to cover than people who don’t use tobacco. However, it’s important to remember that some life insurance companies may be friendlier to one kind of applicant than another. Rates may also vary by state or city. It’s impossible to say which best rated life insurance companies will offer the cheapest life insurance quotes without getting custom quotes.

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