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Geico Life Insurance Quotes

*Please note, we’re not affiliated with Geico Insurance Company. This is simple a review.

Most people think of Geico as a car insurance company. This company became famous because it really pioneered online auto insurance quotes. Of course, Geico also has a really cute little mascot in their advertisements. Now it is possible to also get life insurance quotes online through the Geico Life Insurance Agency. While Geico is a reputable company, we hope you check out our review first.

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Geico Life Insurance Review

Now, Geico does make it clear on their own Geico life insurance review website that these policies actually can come from non-affiliated insurers. In other words, the company is simply extending its quotation services to other types of insurance products. They don’t actually sell their own policies.

These are some things to take away from this Geico life insurance review:

  • Geico heavily favors term life insurance because it is most affordable.
  • Because the agency favors term, that is all that the system will quote.
  • The system will allow viewers to see different policies and coverage limits online.

The company suggests looking for life insurers that have at least an A rating for financial soundness. This put They also emphasize the fact that financial stability and customer service are important things to consider besides the premiums.

What Kind of Term Life Does Geico Quote?

Typical policies will pay a death benefit because of a death for any reason and in any place. The exception to this is a suicide. Suicides will not be covered for two years in most states and one year in a few states.

The application may be taken online. However, there could be health questions that ask about serious or chronic medical conditions. These could include diabetes, heart problems, past incidents of cancer, etc. There could also be questions about a family history of medical conditions. Plus, there may be questions about lifestyle and hobbies, such as smoking or sky diving.

No-Exam Policies: The company offers no-exam life insurance for death benefits that are lower than $250,000. For face values over that amount, the insurance companies may require a quick exam with a paramedic. These usually only take a few minutes, and they can be scheduled at the applicant’s home or office. Besides, the company will pay for them.

Geico Life Insurance Review Conclusion

Because Geico really only quotes term policies, they are really aiming at younger families. It probably isn’t a good place to find life insurance for seniors. You also can’t get quotes for or whole or universal life with this system.

We offer simple and reliable online quotes for families, senior citizens, and all sorts of people. We can also offer quotes for different kinds and amounts of coverage.