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Guardian Life Insurance Company Review

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If you are in the market for affordable and no hassle life insurance, you might want to consider our brief review of Guardian Life Insurance Company. Founded back in the 1800s, Guardian is one of the biggest and best rated life insurance companies and maintains its main headquarters in New York City. In addition to offering American customers affordable life insurance, this insurer also promotes annuities, dental and disability insurance, and some other financial products.

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Guardian Life Insurance Company Review

This company has a really interesting history. Apparently, a German lawyer fled his country for the United States to later found the “Germania” Life Insurance Company with the help of other refugees. While it originally opened on Wall Street in New York City to help cover other German refugees in the latter part of the 1800s, the company eventually spread to many other states. By 1868, it also became the very first American insurer to open a European branch.

Insurance consumers are usually advised to check out the financial standings of any companies that they consider. These are the highlights of the financial ratings of Guardian Life Insurance Company from information published on their own site:

Besides its headquarters, Guardian has a large network of licensed representatives. They work all over the United States an in many other countries. The company has the people and finances to serve their customers. A Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance Review is also worth considering when shopping for no hassle life insurance.

Comparing Guardian to Other Life Insurance Companies

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