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Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance Company began operations back in the early 1900s in Minnesota. Since that time, the original company has partnered with the Aid Association for Lutherans to form Thrivent Financial. This larger organization still promotes the Christian values of the original insurance companies but now has access to more resources. As you will learn, Lutheran Brotherhood now maintains a place as one of the best rated life insurance companies for many different aspects of their business.  If you’d like to contact them directly the Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance phone number is 800-847-4836.

Are you interested in finding cheap life insurance for yourself or a family member? If so, you can use our quote forms online or call with the toll-free phone number on our website. We can also help you explore many other types of protection that you might have questions about. For instance, you might ask us about cheap term life insurance for seniors, Medicare insurance, and burial policies. Either way we work with some of the best rated life insurance companies out there.

Our Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance Review

For this review of Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance, it’s important to explore the history and financial strength of this Christian insurance organization. Most consumers may start looking for cheap term life insurance for seniors or young adults, but it’s important to compare more than just premiums. Consumers will want to find companies that offer them great customer service, fast claims handling, and the financial strength to provide security for their customers.

You can also use this review of Lutheran Brotherhood to compare some of the financial products that the company offers, including term life insurance for seniors, guaranteed life insurance, long term care insurance, disability insurance, and burial insurance for seniors. As one of the best rated life insurance companies, they also offer no exam life insurance, cheap life insurance for seniors without exams, and Medicare supplement plans. Take a few moments to explore Lutheran Brotherhood Life insurance.

About Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance Company

The company still operates as a nonprofit brotherhood that focuses on serving the Christian market of Lutherans. Only now, you can find Thrivent Financial listed as a nonprofit on the Fortune 500 list of top companies. Even though the new company has adopted the new name of Thrivent Financial, they still actively promote their past association with Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance and the Lutheran Aid Association.

These are some financial ratings of Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance Company:

In addition, Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance Company manages $116 billion in assets. They have also been honored recently for having an ethical workplace, maintaining employee health, and performing well as a life insurance companies. If you’re looking for a financially sound insurance company with a good reputation for treating employees and customers well and adhering to Christian values, you might consider doing business with Thrivent Financial.

Consumers have given the company positive reviews for customer service via their toll-free phone number or website. Many consumers just want to search for cheap life insurance, but premiums aren’t everything. It’s always important to learn how insurance companies will treat you after you have become their customer.

Great customer service when you need to make claims can be priceless. If you want to buy term life insurance for seniors, a Medicare insurance plan, or any other type of coverage, you will want your insurer to respond when you need them to.

Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance Products

This lists the many products that Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance Company offers:

Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance

Of course, this company actually began as a brotherhood that could provide affordable life insurance rates for members. They still have a reputation of offering competitive life insurance rates for these kinds of products:

Other Coverage That Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance Company Offers

Many people only think of Thrivent Financial as a company with cheap life insurance rates. As one of the best rated life insurance companies, this insurance provider has expanded to offering other kinds of important protection. These additional policies include:

Lutheran Brotherhood Disability Income Insurance

According to the company’s website, one in four Americans run the risk of suffering from a disability before they will be ready to retire. Disability income insurance can help replace income. If you can buy cheap life insurance and disability insurance, you may have better security for your family.

This company also covers home caregivers, which most insurance companies don’t. If a parent who doesn’t work outside the home becomes disabled, replacing these services can still cost a lot of money.

Thrivent Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance helps seniors afford the cost of assisted living, nursing care, and other types of care that elderly people may need. Medicare insurance will only pay for short-term care and health-related care, so long term care insurance can offer you extra security.

Medicare Supplement Insurance From Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance

If you qualify for Original Medicare, you may need Medicare supplement insurance to help handle the out-of-pocket charges you will have because of the payment gaps that Part A and B of Medicare have. Many seniors purchase cheap life insurance without exams and Medicare supplement insurance from Thrivent to complete their retirement planning.

Some popular Medicare supplements include Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. You can speak with a representative to find out which of the Medicare supplement plans will suit you best. The best time to apply for Medicare supplement insurance is during your Open Enrollment Period when you are first qualifying for Part A and B.

Which Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance is Best for You?

Naturally, consumers want cheap life insurance to help manage budgets. No life insurance will help if you can’t afford the premiums and end up cancelling it. At the same time, it’s best to take some time to compare the benefits you will get, so you know that your coverage will help you and your family.

Guaranteed Life Insurance

Families of older people who are already disabled might look into guaranteed life insurance. These whole life policies also grow a guaranteed cash value over time. You don’t need to answer any medical questions at all, so you don’t have to worry about getting declined.

No Exam Life Insurance

You may also find cheap life insurance for seniors with exams. In fact, you can also find cheap life insurance for children, younger adults, and senior citizens. You will find term life insurance for seniors has the lowest premiums, but many seniors may prefer to buy a whole life policy for the guaranteed cash value and lifetime protection. If you’re not sure, you might speak with an agent to help you compare the pros and cons of burial insurance vs. term life insurance for seniors.

Term Life Insurance for Seniors

When most people think of no exam life insurance for seniors, they picture small whole life or burial policies. These do offer lifetime coverage and in some cases, a guaranteed cash value. However, some retired people can still qualify for term life insurance for seniors. While this is no exam life insurance, term life insurance for seniors still requires answers to health questions.

Generally active seniors may still qualify for term life insurance for seniors. While younger adults can get Lutheran Brotherhood life insurance with terms from 10 to 30 years, term life insurance for seniors may be limited to terms of only 10 or 15 years, depending upon age.

These are some reasons to consider term life insurance for seniors from Thrivent:

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In this Lutheran Brotherhood Life Insurance Company review, we hoped to provide you with information to compare one of the best rated life insurance companies. You are welcome to compare life insurance rates online or to get help by calling our toll-free phone number.

We can help you with term life insurance for seniors and younger adults. We can also help you with burial insurance for seniors, Medicare supplement insurance, disability insurance, and long term care insurance. Just let us know what you need, and we’re here to serve you.