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Pruco Life Insurance Company Review

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Pruco Life Insurance Company is an American insurer with headquarters in New Jersey. The company and a number of subsidiaries offers annuities and a variety of different life insurance products. These products include indexed annuities, universal life, term life, and whole life.

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Pruco Life Insurance Company

This insurer is most commonly known by Prudential. Except for New York, Pruco markets in every state, DC, and some US territories. The Pruco Life Insurance Company of New Jersey markets in New York and New Jersey. Typically, the company markets with its network of Prudential life insurance brokers, but it also offers products through other marketing channels, mostly banks and financial advisers.

This is a brief overview of some products offered by this insurance company:

Term life insurance: Term offers the most affordable premiums, so policy owners might save money and afford more coverage. Typical terms are 10, 20, or 30 years, but other contracts might be available.

Universal life insurance: This is permanent life insurance that doesn’t expire after a term. It may also grow a cash account. It’s more complex and expensive than term, but may offer benefits that are attractive to some people.

Indexed annuities: These products are usually used as a way to use money to create an income stream. For example, retirement annuities are popular.

These are some financial facts about Pruco:

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