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Transamerica Final Expense Life Insurance

*Please note, we are not affiliated with Transamerica Life Insurance Company. This is simply a review.

Do you want to compare the best-rated life insurance companies? If so, you should have some interest in browsing our Transamerica Life Insurance Company review. Transamerica has been marketing life insurance products for over a century, and their headquarters is based in the United States in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. They offer customers a full selection of affordable life insurance policies and have an A.M. Best rating for financial soundness of A+, or superior.

If you’d like to compare premium quotes online in order to find cheap life insurance, you can access our site 24/7. We offer an easy and instant way to find all kinds of life insurance for all kinds of people. If you have questions about different kinds of affordable life insurance that would work well for your situation, you are also welcome to call us on our toll-free phone number. We want to help you find the best rated life insurance companies, perfect coverage, and a great value.

Compare Sample Quotes for Life Insurance From Transamerica Life Insurance

To get more accurate quotes, you should access our quotes online. However, to help give you an idea of the prices that Transamerica charges, we’ve included some pricing samples. Please note that these were estimated quotes that are only valid for a certain date, individual, and location, so they may not represent your own personalized quotes.

These sample prices from Transamerica are for a 65-year-old man who lives in Texas and doesn’t smoke:

Best Term Life Insurance No Medical Exam

Can you get cheap life insurance without medical exam or questions from Transamerica Life Insurance Company? Actually, this company offers a full suite of life insurance products to suit many different kinds of clients. Your own best choice might depend upon your age, financial situation, and the family members that you hope to protect.

These are examples of popular kinds of life insurance policies that Transamerica offers:

What to Know About Transamerica Life Insurance for Seniors

Note that Transamerica final expense policies aren’t guaranteed acceptance. They are a kind of no medical exam life insurance, so you don’t need to worry about taking a medical exam. The application only asks a few health questions, but some people may be declined based upon their answers to these questions.

Most active, older adults should find that they can qualify for this kind of life insurance for seniors. However, older people who are already in nursing homes or suffer from serious illnesses might not qualify. In that case, guaranteed acceptance policies offer another option, and you can find many life insurance companies that offer them for seniors up to age 80.

If you’re interested in finding life insurance for seniors, you can ask an agent about the questions that the application asks. Some elderly people may benefit from guaranteed acceptance life insurance, but most seniors will get cheaper rates and better benefits by answering a few questions on an application.

Is No Exam Life Insurance the Best Choice for You?

If you want to find cheap life insurance, you will find that providing more information to life insurers will usually lower your rates. That means you’re likely to pay less if you answer health questions and submit to an exam. If you’d rather buy life insurance quickly or online, you may enjoy the convenience of no exam life insurance though.

For smaller amounts of life insurance, the premium difference may not be that large. Also, if you do have a health condition, you may not get the best rates even if you do take an exam. If you’re not sure if you should take a life insurance exam or not, you might ask an agent for advice about your unique situation.

The life insurance company will pay for the exam, and these are usually very short, non-invasive, and performed by a medical technician and not a doctor. In fact, Transamerica will even send the medical tech to your home or office at a time that is convenient for you, so you don’t need to travel to the doctor’s office.

If you do buy no exam life insurance, you will still need to answer some questions about your medical history. The company will probably verify your answers against certain sources of information. You must answer these questions as truthfully as you can, or you will risk getting your coverage declined. You don’t have to remember the exact date of your last minor medical treatment, but you can’t cover up important details either.

Special Features of Transamerica Life Insurance Policies

You might be interested to learn about some features that Transamerica offers that might set it apart from other cheap life insurance companies that you will research. Obviously, most of you are interested in finding lower premiums, but you should probably focus on the value that you get and not just the monthly premium.

These are some special features of some Transamerica policies:

If you’re a younger adult buying life insurance, you actually have a greater risk of needing disability or living benefits than you do of passing away before your term policy expires. Instead of buying separate critical illness, disability, and life insurance policies, you can pay less to get all of these benefits bundled within your life insurance policy. Transamerica is not the only company that offers these optional riders, so you should shop around once you determine which kind of protection that you need.

Is Transamerica a Good Company for Cheap Life Insurance?

Many of this company’s premiums are competitive, so it’s probably better to say the policies are affordable than to say Transamerica is a cheap life insurance company. The company offers a full life of products for people of all ages, including life insurance for seniors. They also offer some unique policy benefits, like their living benefits, that you might find valuable.

Still, we advise our clients to shop the market for the right coverage, a highly rated insurance company, and reasonable premiums. Insurer’s premiums may vary because of your age, health, and location. Since life insurance companies set their own prices, it’s impossible to say which one will be cheapest without getting customized premium quotes. That’s exactly what we can provide on our website 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Compare Affordable Life Insurance Quotes Online

To find life insurance for seniors, young adults, and even children, you can use our instant quotes system at any time. In some cases, you can even apply online and enjoy quick approvals. This is a great option for people who already know what they want and just want to compare premiums. If you’d rather speak with a licensed agent, use our toll-free phone number.

We will work with you to find all kinds of life insurance. This includes final expense, term, guaranteed acceptance, and whole life. We want to make it easy for you find the best value for your money when you buy this important kind of protection for your loved ones.