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Life Insurance for Seniors

Buying cheap life insurance for seniors is not usually that difficult. The important thing is to understand available life insurance choices for people over 50 or even after 70 years old. We can help by offering fast senior life insurance quotes online and valuable information about different kinds of policies.

You can use our online quotes to find local plans and prices for term life, whole life, and even universal life insurance companies. It only takes a second to fill out our quote form and access instant quotes. After you find local life insurance offers on your computer screen, you can access free premium comparisons or even start to apply on the Internet.

Buying Life Insurance for Seniors

Whole life insurance for seniors: The most common options for seniors citizens are whole life insurance policies. Typically, these offer a fairly modest death benefit of from about $5K to $35K. The death benefit is mostly meant to help pay for burial and other final expenses. However, the policy beneficiary may keep any money left over after handling obligations after a loved one dies.

Whole life insurance options usually include the following:

  • Simplified acceptance: The applications will ask a handful of health questions and are meant for relatively active people in middle age retirement. They provide an immediate death benefit and are usually fairly modestly priced.
  • Guaranteed acceptance life insurance: These don’t ask medical questions, but they will use a waiting period before they pay out the full death benefit. They usually also cost somewhat more than simplified acceptance application policies.

Term life insurance for seniors: Term life for seniors is less common. However, some insurers offer to provide 10-year term policies for people in their 70s. If you can qualify, a term policy is usually the cheapest option. Just be aware that the policy will expire after the term ends with no cash value. You might find death benefits up to about $250,000.

Universal life insurance for seniors: Universal life is another permanent type of coverage. It is a little more complex than whole life. Older people usually purchase it when they are interested in both the cash value and the death benefit of their policy. We even offer life insurance for seniors over 80.

For no-hassle life insurance, you can find coverage that doesn’t require a physical and asks few or even no health questions. As a rule of thumb, the more questions you can answer, the cheaper your premiums might be. However, people with pre-existing health conditions should know that it is likely that they can still find affordable coverage if they don’t expect to buy a very large policy.

Compare Senior Life Insurance Quotes Online

It only takes seconds to complete our online quote form and see multiple life insurance online. Once you see your own local insurance providers, you are welcome to ask for more details or even begin your application process. We strive to provide good life insurance information for seniors, younger adults, and even children and grandchildren.