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Life Insurance for Seniors Over 70

Many seniors today 70 and older are wondering if they could still purchase an affordable life insurance policy without a medical exam. These policies are known as guaranteed issue or guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies and they are very popular for senior citizens in the United States. The good news is it may be possible to cheap life insurance for seniors without a medical exam. Although many companies charge more for life insurance for seniors, there are a few companies out there still who offer affordable term life insurance for seniors over 70. You just have to know where to look.

As most people know life insurance is a popular insurance policy to own because it protects your family financially after you pass away. The average funeral today can cost upwards of ten thousand dollars and so it’s at least worth comparing life insurance for seniors over 70. The best whole life insurance you can find may not be in your home state. You can often find the cheapest life insurance rates online using websites like this one.

This is one reason so many seniors over 70 and their families are turning to the compare online life insurance rates for seniors. It used to be that the best life insurance policies were purchased from your local community. However, with the rise of the Internet and search engines like Google and Bing, consumers are more and more comparing their life insurance options online.

Obviously it’s always best to try and purchase cheap life insurance when you’re young and healthy. In fact, the earlier you purchase a no exam life insurance policy the more you’ll probably save. The best rated life insurance companies tend to increase rates for people as they age. However, if you are in a pinch you can find life insurance for seniors over 70. One of the companies that’s very popular today is Colonial Penn Life Insurance. You may have seen their ad on TV with Alex Trebek as the spokesperson. You can compare Colonial Penn Life Insurance rates by age using their website. The great things about this is that you get instant life insurance quotes for seniors without having to leave your home.

There are many reason why a person may consider comparing life insurance for seniors over 70. One reason is they sometimes have more money when the kids have left the home. Many widows or widowers may have extra income to help pay for a life insurance policy. Each situation is different but it’s worth at least looking at online life insurance quotes.