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Can I Get Life Insurance With Sleep Apnea

When it comes to finding cheap life insurance for seniors without a medical exam, many older folks are wondering if it’s possible to get life insurance if they have sleep apnea. More and more Americans are struggling with various sleep disorders and many of them are over the age of 50. As always, shopping for life insurance with any condition can be tricky. This is no different for those worried that sleep apnea will affect their ability to find an affordable life insurance policy given they have this sleep condition.

The good news is, like other existing conditions, it is possible to find affordable life insurance if you have sleep apnea. What we tell most seniors shopping for affordable life insurance is to compare term, whole and universal life insurance for seniors from various companies within their state. Time and time again this give seniors the best option to find the coverage to fit their needs. The average funeral today can cost upwards of $10,000. so it’s vital for seniors to find affordable life insurance to cover their most basic final expense or burial expense needs. We work with some of the best life insurance companies for seniors that offer no medical exam life insurance.

Although it’s true that the sooner you buy term life insurance, the cheaper it will be, whole life insurance for seniors has made it possible to find a relatively low-cost life insurance policy in your 60s, 70s and even 80s. The best companies offering elderly life insurance in the US are well known companies like Alliance life insurance, Union life insurance and even New York Life Insurance. Affordable life insurance for seniors starts with understanding your current health situation. If you are looking for life insurance without health questions you’ll probably want to consider a whole life insurance or guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy from a company like Colonial Penn. If you just want to compare life insurance quotes for seniors there’s no better place than on our website. If you’re wondering what is the best life insurance for people with sleep apnea, you’ll probably want to speak to a license life insurance agent to find out which life insurance company and plan is best for your condition.

The good news is, life insurance for those with sleep apnea, can be found depending on where you live and which company you choose. Some of the questions you may be asked from a life insurance underwriter would include questions like, when were you diagnosed with sleep apnea? Are obstructed in your sleep by the condition and did you participate in a sleep study for apnea. Some other questions that term life insurance companies may ask seniors looking for life insurance would be about your age, your weight and use of tobacco. From there life insurance companies will probably put you in one of three brackets including preferred, state or substandard rating.

If you have other questions about securing life insurance with sleep apnea, give us a call.