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2018 Medicare Supplement Plans California

Are you a Californian who qualifies for Original Medicare? If so, you may want to enhance your benefits with California Medicare supplement plans in 2018. You can reduce your concerns about paying a deductible if you have to go to the hospital or a large copay if you need to visit the doctor or get medical tests.

California isn’t just the most populated state in the United States. It’s also the state with the greatest number of Medicare recipients. The Golden State has over 5.6 million Medicare beneficiaries. This number grows every year, and trend watchers say the population of Californians who are over 65 will increase by as much as 30 percent by 2030. This is both because state residents are aging and because people from other parts of the country move to the state when they retire.

Get California Medicare Plan Quotes Online or By Phone

Even though California Medicare Advantage plans have grown more popular, over 20 percent of the state’s Medicare beneficiaries will still want to learn more about 2018 Medicare supplement plans in California. You can get quick quotes for all types of Medicare insurance with our online quote forms, and we’re also here to answer your questions via the toll-free phone number. Let us answer your questions about Medicare supplements, Advantage plans, and Part D.

Quick Facts About 2018 Medicare Supplement Plans in California

These are some interesting statistics about the growth of the elderly population in these large California cities and metro areas from theĀ California Elderly Health Almanac. The percentage represents growth in the number of older folks over the last five years:

About 14 percent of the state’s beneficiaries qualify for Medicare before age 65 because of an eligible disability, and these Californians are most likely to join Medicare Advantage and in some cases, qualify for Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicare program. The beneficiaries who are over 65 get a chance to enroll in any California Medicare supplement plans for 2018 when they first enroll and for six months afterwards.

At other times, Medicare recipients in California may still apply for a supplement, but they may have to answer health questions and could get declined or offered a higher rate. People who only have Original Medicare should know that an average of 11 percent of total health costs came from the seniors’ own pockets, and supplements may help reduce these out-of-pocket expenses.

The Best Rated Medicare Supplement Plans in California for 2018

Private health insurance companies offer Medicare supplements. As you progress in this article you can gain some tips about the right way to shop for Medicare plans. To get started, here’s a brief introduction to some of the companies that offer the best rated Medicare supplement plans in the state:

Overview of California Cigna Medigap Plans

Which of the best rated Medicare supplement plans should you choose for your 2018 coverage? Before you can decide if you want Blue Cross, UHC, or Cigna Medigap plans, you should compare the different supplements available. For instance, Cigna Medigap Plans within the state include Plans A through G and Plan N.

Out of these, most people can simply compare Medicare Supplement Plan F, Medicare Plan G, and Plan N to find a plan that will satisfy them. To help you compare these three Medicare supplements, this list briefly summarizes the highlights:

In addition to Cigna Medigap plans, you can also buy Medicare Advantage plans from this company and most of the other large Medicare insurers. 2018 Medicare Advantage plans is popular because it usually also includes prescription drug coverage, low or even $0 premiums, and additional benefits.

The reasons that California residents might choose Cigna Medigap plans or any of the best rated Medicare supplement plans include:

Do California Medicare Supplement Plans Offer Prescription Drug Coverage?

You won’t get typical prescription drugs covered with Cigna Medigap plans or Medicare supplement plans from any other company. Traditional Medicare Part A and B only cover medication in very specific circumstances. Since supplements were created to fill in gaps for things that Traditional Medicare doesn’t pay for, they will only cover the kinds of medication that Medicare already covers.

For example, Medicare Part A may cover prescriptions you get in a hospital, and Medicare Part B may pay for a few prescriptions that are administered in outpatient clinics. They won’t help you pay for the regular medications that you might pick up at a pharmacy or even order routinely from a mail order pharmacy.

If you purchase Cigna Medigap plans or those from another insurer, you will probably need to also enroll in Part D to help you pay for routine medication from the pharmacy. If you don’t, you won’t have prescriptions covered and may need to pay a penalty when you enroll later. If you decided to choose one of the Cigna Medigap plans, you could get Plan D from them or another insurer. If you already have prescription insurance from an employer or some other source, you may be able to delay enrolling in Part D.

How to Shop for the Best Rated Medicare Supplement Plans in California?

If you choose Cigna Medigap plans or any other insurer’s Medigap plans, you should know that all benefits have been standardized by the state. With Plan F, G, N, or any of the Medicare supplement plans, you will not get extra base benefits by choosing one insurance company or another. With that said, you may get some additional value-added perks if you buy your supplement form some insurers.

For example, you can get a premium discount of seven percent if another member of the household is also enrolled in a Medigap plan from this insurer. The “Healthy Rewards” discount plan that comes with these supplements encourages seniors to maintain a healthy lifestyle with fitness plans and other health-related discounts.

Since the main benefits have all been standardized, choosing Medicare supplement plans is easier than choosing some other kinds of medical insurance. You can simply take these steps to buy Medicare supplement plans:

Use Online Tools to Find California Medicare Supplement Plans

Since this state has such a big population of Medicare recipients, you can also enjoy the benefits of competition between major insurers. You will notice that available plans and premiums may vary by city. You can use our online quote form to see information about local Medicare insurance companies within seconds on your computer screen. If you’d rather speak with a helpful, professional Medicare insurance agent, you’re also welcome to find the toll-free number and call.

Either way, we have helped plenty of Californians find the right Medicare supplement, Advantage, or Part D plan. We’d like to help you as well!