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Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans 2018

If you’re in the market for new Medicare insurance, you will certainly want to explore 2018 Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plans. Though this company was made a household name with the popular Wild Kingdom TV show, they are also well known in the Medicare market. The company began selling Medicare supplements back in the 1960s when the U.S. Medicare program was new and have a large market share of current customers.

Mutual of Omaha Medicare supplement plans have a reputation for competitive premiums, rate stability, and a solid company behind them. If you want to compare local premiums for Mutual of Omaha and other top companies, you can rely upon our online quote forms 24/7. You’re also welcome to contact live agents via the toll-free phone number. We want to make it convenient for you to compare supplemental insurance plans and can also help with Part D and Medicare Advantage.

What to Know About Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement Plans in 2018

As the name implies, this company has its headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. However, they are licensed to offer their Medicare supplement plans in all other states, including New York, California, and Florida. Note that you may not find every one of the Medicare supplement plans in each state or even within each county. Medicare Plan F, Medicare Plan G, and Medicare Plan N are very commonly offered and popular.

These are some quick facts about Mutual of Omaha Medicare Supplement plans:

You shouldn’t expect major changes this year from 2017 or previous years. One of the things people like about Medicare supplement plans is stability. Of course, most insurers raise their rates each year.

According to CSG Actuarial, the average rate increase for Medicare supplement plans from Mutual of Omaha is about 2.8 percent. This compares favorably with other companies. Of course, premium increases can vary by location, so some Medicare supplement owners have had higher increases than others.

Compare Supplemental Insurance Plans From Mutual of Omaha for 2018

If you want to compare supplemental insurance plans, you might turn to this very good resource from Medicare.gov. You will see that Medicare recipients in most states can choose between 10 plans, but having this number of choices can be overwhelming.

To simplify things, we’d like to highlight three Medicare supplement plans that satisfy the needs of most clients:

Comparing Sample Premiums for Medicare Supplement Plans From Mutual of Omaha

Just to help you understand the potential premiums for different choices of Medicare supplement plans, we have provided some sample rates. These are only samples and probably won’t reflect your exact quotes. However, they illustrate the difference in premiums for different Medigap plans.

These rate samples are for a man who is just turning 65 and lives in California:

You can see that you might save about $30 a month by choosing G over F, and you may only have to pay a fairly modest Part B deductible. You can save even more with Plan N, but you may have to pay copays for doctor or ER visits. As with any health insurance, you should balance your healthcare needs against the price of coverage to pick the best Medigap plans for you.

How Do Medigap Plans From Mutual of Omaha Cover Prescriptions?

If you compare supplemental insurance plans to Medicare Advantage plans, you will notice that most Medicare Advantage plans offer drug coverage with the medical plan. Medicare supplement plans only cover the kinds of prescriptions that Original Medicare will cover. Typically, this only includes medicine offered inside of an inpatient or some outpatient facilities.

With only Original Medicare and a supplement, you won’t have help paying for prescriptions at the drugstore. If you decide to enroll in Part D late, you may also get penalized with a higher premium.

If you choose Medicare supplement plans, you will also need to choose a prescription drug plan. If you choose Medicare supplement plans from Mutual of Omaha or any other company, you don’t have to purchase your prescription drug plan from the same company. In fact, this feature may make it easier to shop separately for competitively priced Medicare supplement plans and the Part D plan that best covers your prescriptions.

When Should You Compare Supplemental Insurance Plans for 2018?

You may have been advised to compare Medicare Advantage plans or Part D plans for changes this year. Besides premiums, Medicare supplement plans don’t change much from year to year. You also don’t have an Open Enrollment for Medigap plans. So long as you are enrolled in Part A and B, you can always apply for Medicare supplement plans. If you’re relatively healthy, you should get accepted.

Guaranteed Enrollment for Medicare Supplement Plans After 65

At the same time, you should know that you do have some Guaranteed Enrollment Periods when you don’t have to worry about answering any medical questions at all and cannot be turned down. The most common of these periods begins in the month you first enroll in Part A and B after turning 65, and it will last for six more months.

You may also enjoy Guaranteed Enrollment Periods if you lose coverage after you have already been a Medicare recipient for more than six months. Some circumstances might include losing an employer plan, having an existing plan leave your service area, or moving to another state.

Guaranteed Enrollment for Younger Medicare Beneficiaries

If you’re enrolling in Medicare because you’re disabled and younger than 65, you don’t have this same federal protection, but some states may offer you the chance to enroll in a limited number of Medicare supplement plans.

Most people in this situation end up choosing Medicare Advantage plans because they don’t have this kind of health underwriting.

How Are Rates Calculated for Medicare Supplement Plans?

When you compare Medigap plans, you should understand how insurers calculate these initial premiums. While one company may appear a lot cheaper when you first enroll, their Medicare supplement plans may get more expensive further down the road.

To understand this, look at the different pricing schemes for Medicare supplement plans:

Note that insurers can still increase premiums for any Medicare supplement plans. For instance, they may justify a rate increase because of higher medical costs. However, you won’t pay more because you age with an issue age or community rated plan.

Take the Next Step to Make the Most of Your 2018 Medicare Benefits

Your choice of Medicare supplements and premiums may depend upon your age, where you live, and in some cases, your health history. You can take the next step by finding local insurers who are eager to help you compare your Medicare insurance options. To research Medicare insurance at any time, use your online quote system to find local providers with quality Medicare supplement offers. They can also help you find and compare Medicare Advantage and Part D plans.

If you have specific questions or need more help, feel free to use the toll-free phone number to contact a licensed Medicare insurance agent. We have been helping Americans make the best use of their Medicare benefits for years, and we hope that we can help you too.