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2018 Florida Blue Medicare Supplement Plans

According to the American Association of Medicare Supplement Insurance, more seniors rely upon Florida Blue Medicare Supplement Plans than in any other state. Our of about four million residents of The Sunshine State who have Medicare, over 770,000 rely upon Medicare supplement plans for 2018 to help extend and enhance Medicare benefits.

In contrast, about 1.8 million Florida Medicare recipients rely upon Medicare Advantage plans. During Medicare Open Enrollment, that number may increase, but so may the number of retirees who choose a Medicare supplement. This is one reason you may be considering a 2018 Florida Blue Medicare Supplement Plan.

Quick Quotes for Florida Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018

If you’re about to accept Medicare benefits or have been dissatisfied with alternative Medicare insurance, we can help you compare Florida Medicare supplement plans for 2018. Rely upon us for competitive rates from name-brand health insurance companies. If you want information about Medicare Advantage or Medicare prescription plans for Medicare Open Enrollment in 2018, we’re here to help you with that too.

How Do Florida Medicare Supplement Plans in 2018  Work?

Most Floridians qualify for Part A and B, often called Original Medicare, when they turn 65. A small percentage of beneficiaries qualify earlier because of a disability, and some retirees may delay Part B because they still have coverage from a past employer or other source. In any case, Medicare was established about five decades ago and is widely credited with helping retirees manage their finances and the health.

At the same time, this large government program only covers a share of medical expenses. For example, you may have to pay 20 percent of most covered services under the medical part, and you may have coinsurance and deductibles to meet for inpatient care. After Medicare contributes its share, Florida Medigap plans pay their share of the bill. The idea is to simply pay premiums for Medicare supplement plans and then let the insurance company worry about handling claims and medical costs. This is why Florida Blue Medicare Supplement Plans in 2018 will continue to be very popular.

During Medicare Open Enrollment, you may hear a lot about Medicare Advantage. These plans have proven increasingly popular because they usually have modest premiums and include drug benefits. They offer Medicare beneficiaries another way to control medical costs, but they aren’t the same as Medicare supplement plans. Mostly, you use Medicare Advantage instead of Part A and B; however, Medicare supplements work with Original Medicare to help pay a share of the expenses that beneficiaries are responsible for.

Do You Have to Wait for Medicare Open Enrollment to Buy and Compare Medicare Supplement Plans?

There isn’t actually a Medicare Open Enrollment for Medicare supplement plans in 2018. Unlike Medicare Advantage plans, there isn’t just one time a year when most people can join. You may find that it’s easier to buy Florida Blue Medicare Supplement plans during the first six months of taking full Medicare benefits, usually when you are over 65.

This is because you’ll have a guaranteed-acceptance period when you won’t have to answer medical questions. You may also have this right at other times if you lose your current health insurance for a variety of reasons.

Of course, you’re also free to apply for Florida Medicare supplement plans at other times; you must need to answer a few health questions to apply. Don’t assume that you won’t qualify; instead work with a qualified Medicare agent to learn more about health applications for Florida Medigap plans.

Highlights of Florida Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018

To understand why people may buy Medicare supplements in Florida, it might help to consider the number of beneficiaries in different parts of the state. These are some rounded county statistics from CMS that report the number of Medicare enrollees:

The number of Medicare beneficiaries in a county may offer some clues to the popularity of Florida Medigap plans there. Typically, Florida Medicare supplement plans are more common in more sparsely populated areas because the networks that HMOs and PPOs use are also sparser. However, the ability of Medicare Advantage companies to put together a good network doesn’t tell the whole story.

In more populated counties with higher incomes, there may also be more people who favor Medicare supplement plans in 2018. Yes, Florida Medigap plans usually cost more than Medicare Advantage plans. At the same time, they may offer more freedom to travel or choose more expensive doctors and specialists. For instance, in high-income areas of Pensacola, Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa, there are likely to be more retirees who opt to spend a bit more on Medicare supplement plans because they can afford the flexibility.

With Medigap, you can use your plan all over the country at just about any medical provider that accepts Medicare. Some plans even cover 80 percent of the costs for urgent or emergency care outside of the United States. You’re unlikely to find any Medicare Advantage companies that offer that much flexibility.

Also, people who may really need to rely upon their health insurance may find that Florida Medicare supplement plans can save them money with better coverage for their needs. For instance, recent studies have found that most doctors charge more than Medicare says that they should. Some supplements even cover these excess charges. You will be able to find the right doctors without having to ask them how much they charge. It’s important to compare Florida Blue Medicare supplement plans with alternatives to see which one offers the best value.

Popular Florida Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018

Like most states, Florida uses the standardized Medicare supplement plans that all have letter names from A through N. This brief list will help you compare the most popular Florida Medicare supplement plans for 2018:

  1. Medicare Supplement Plan F: Even though Medicare Supplement Plan F almost always cost the most, it’s been the most popular choice for years. About 40 percent of people who compare Medicare supplement plans, choose Plan F. It covers all allowed benefits for Florida Medigap plans.
  2. Medicare Supplement Plan G: Medicare Supplement Plan G covers almost everything that Plan F covers. The difference is that it won’t pay the annual deductible for Medicare Part B. Very often, the difference in rates between Plan F and G make it a good deal. Recently, Plan G has been growing in popularity because of this.
  3. Medicare Supplement Plan N: Plan N’s growth in popularity is only behind Plan G. It requires a bit of cost sharing. Examples include copays for the doctor’s office and some emergency room visits. It also doesn’t pay for charges that are over the Medicare-allowed amounts, but Plan F and G do. It covers everything else and is usually quite a bit cheaper than Plan F or G.

You buy and compare Medicare supplement plans from health insurance companies. There are many Florida insurers who compete for this business, but these are some of the largest:

Of course, these aren’t the only companies that are eager to compete for your business. Since all Medicare Supplement plans are standardized, you are free to compare quotes from a handful of quality insurers in your city. For instance, you may want to also compare Colonial Penn rates along with these other providers of Medicare supplement plans in 2018.

Can Florida Medigap Plans Increase Premiums?

Most health insurance companies will increase their premiums from time to time, and Medicare supplement plans aren’t immune. Remember that you don’t have to wait for Medicare Open Enrollment with Florida Blue Medicare Supplement Plans, so you are free to find out if you can find a replacement plan from another insurer with better rates.

If you can’t find Medicare supplement plans with cheaper premiums, you may also compare Medicare Advantage plans. They may not offer you the flexibility of Medicare supplement plans; however, you may find that you’re willing to lose some control over picking doctors and specialists to save money.

Most people need to enroll in Medicare Advantage during the annual Medicare Open Enrollment in the fall. If you’re new to Medicare, you won’t have to wait for Medicare Open Enrollment.

Let Us Help You Compare Florida Medigap Plans

We have plenty of experience with helping people compare Medicare supplement plans in Florida. We have learned that this isn’t one best solution for every one of our clients. At the same time, we want to offer you information that can help you make the right choice for yourself. You can compare providers, quotes, and plans both online or by calling a Florida Medicare insurance agent via our toll-free number. We are also here to help you compare Medicare Advantage and Part D plans and can also offer information about cheap life insurance rates.