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2018 Medicare Supplement Plans in Minnesota

Before you start shopping for 2018 Medicare supplement plans in Minnesota, it’s important to understand that they don’t work exactly like Medigap plans work in most of the other states.

This state has reduced the number of options that Medicare recipients can choose from. However, Minnesota also offered some state-mandated benefits that may be better than those that the federal law allows for. In addition, they are more generous with extending Guaranteed Issue Periods than most states.

These differences mean that it’s even more important for Minnesota Medicare recipients to get local quotes than it might be for people in the 47 states that rely upon the standard plans created by Medicare. You can rely upon us for quick Medicare insurance quotes online to compare supplemental insurance plans for 2018 and beyond. Besides Medigap plans, you can also visit with us for information and premiums for Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans.

Sample Price Breakdowns for Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plans by City

To help you compare supplemental insurance plans, we have provided some price breakdowns by city.

Important disclaimer about these sample monthly premiums for Minnesota Medigap plans: These are only samples and could vary because premiums change or other factors. They are also only for a selected ZIP code within each city. These samples of monthly premiums of Minnesota Medigap plans may also not include available discounts that you could be entitled to. Please use our quote system or call for current rates.

These samples are for a Minnesota woman who is just turning 65 and doesn’t use tobacco:

Note that AARP offers Medigap plans through United Healthcare in Minnesota. They haven’t published premiums online for these sample premiums. However, you can find AARP quotes through partners in our quote system or by contacting us directly.

How Are Medicare Supplement Plans in Minnesota Priced?

For information about Medicare supplement plans and pricing, you might turn to this document from the Minnesota Commerce Department. The document lists some comparative rates from local insurance companies that have released the information. This document is subject to revision and might not include discounts, fees, and so on. Still, it’s helpful as a way to understand how different Medicare beneficiaries may have their premiums determined. Note that the premiums for Medicare supplement plans in this document are yearly and not monthly rates.

Basically, plan members are rated by these criteria:

You may have noticed that the same Medicare supplement plans in Winona, Min were less than those in the first three cities for the same individual. This can be accounted for by the difference in urban vs. rural pricing in the state.

Understanding Minnesota Medigap Plans in 2018

If you’ve lived in another state, you may be used to seeing Medigap plans like Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. Instead of Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N, you can find similar benefits in the state-specific Medigap plans in Minnesota. You might also find some plans with the familiar letter names, but these are state-specific versions of these plans.

In any case, all Minnesota Medicare supplement plans provide some basic benefits for beneficiaries. These include hospital coinsurance, medicare coinsurance, blood, hospice, and home health care.

You can refer to the official Medicare website’s page for Minnesota Medigap Plans for a complete summary of the local plans.

Every plan covers the basic benefits. This is a brief discussion of your choices for Minnesota Medicare supplement plans:

If you’re moving from another state that used the standard Medicare supplement plans, you will probably find Minnesota plans a little different at first. However, you can actually find a choice that offers you very similar benefits to those you have grown used to. The state doesn’t offer as many choices as the federal Medicare plans do, but they also impose rules about basic benefits that may help you manage and treat certain medical conditions.

Guaranteed Enrollment in Minnesota

Minnesota also has more generous Guaranteed Enrollment rights that most other states do. In this state, you have a right to enroll in any plan as long as you have enrolled in Medicare Part B. This period starts when you qualify and extends for six months afterwards. In Minnesota, this six-month period does not depend upon your age, so even if you have Medicare because you are disabled, you still get a chance to enroll in Medicare supplement plans without getting declined for health reasons.

If you delay Part B past 65 because you have other health insurance, you can still take advantage of this period when you do decide to enroll in Part B. After your six-month Guaranteed Enrollment Period ends, you may still get these rights back if you lose your health plan for reasons beyond your control.

Minnesota Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Mostly, the same companies that offer Medigap plans and Medicare Advantage plans will also sell stand-alone drug plans. Many Medicare Advantage plans already come with Medicare Part D, so you don’t need to buy an extra plan with those. You are not required to enroll in a Medicare Part D plan from the same insurer that you bought a Medicare supplement plan from.

However, Medigap plans are different, and they won’t cover most prescriptions that you get from your doctor and get filled by a pharmacy. Typically, Medicare only covers prescription drugs when they are administered by a health professional. Since all Medicare supplement plans were designed to mostly fill in gaps in Medicare Part A and B coverage, they don’t cover common prescriptions either.

This briefly summarizes typical rules from Medicare about covering prescriptions:

With Medicare supplement plans, you will probably also need to enroll in Medicare Part D. You may have an exception if you already have drug coverage from an employer, union, or other source. If you don’t have an exception, Medicare may charge you a penalty when you need to sign up for Medicare Part D later. Also, you won’t have help from Medicare paying for your prescriptions at the pharmacy.

How to Find the Right Minnesota Medicare Supplement Plans for 2018?

To summarize this overview of Minnesota Medicare supplement plans for 2018, there are the takeaways:

Are you new to Medicare, new to Minnesota, or simply dissatisfied with your Medicare insurance? If so, we can help you find a Medicare insurance plan that suits your needs and budget. You can get current quotes and details for Medicare supplement plans by using our online quote system or contact is directly via the toll-free phone number. Besides Minnesota Medicare supplement plans, we can also help you with Medicare Advantage and Medicare drug plans.

We have helped many Medicare recipients find the best insurance for their needs, and we’re here to help you too.