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No Exam Life Insurance

According to surveys, most people know that they should buy life insurance to protect their family against the unexpected. However, these same people don’t always buy a policy because they don’t want to bother with complicated applications and a physical exam. The good news is that it is easier to buy life insurance than it ever was in the past, and most top insurers offer no exam life insurance policies.

Not only can you buy no exam life insurance, you can even quote and apply over the Internet. To get online quotes, just fill out our quick form to see local providers within seconds.

No Exam Life Insurance Policies

The advantage of getting life insurance with no medical exam is that it’s usually really quick and simple to apply for Applicants might apply online, over the phone, or by mail. Some companies will issue coverage within a few days.

Even if an insurance company doesn’t require a physical, they may still require medical underwriting in the form of answers to health questions on the application. They may also check these answers against third-party sources. Some examples of these third-party sources are the Medical Information Database, local driver’s license bureaus, and doctors that are mentioned on the application.

While insurers won’t decline for minor mistakes, they will for leaving out important information. For example, it’s probably OK to forget a minor illness or traffic ticket that was some years in the past. However, you have to mention serious or chronic illnesses or major driving violations, like a DUI. Even if the policy gets accepted, the insurer may deny benefits when it is time for beneficiaries to make a claim if they believe the applicant covered up important information.

Is No Exam Life Insurance Always Best?

People who are relatively healthy for their age should consider getting the physical. The insurer will pay for it. Also, the exams are usually quick, not invasive, and can be scheduled at the convenience of the applicant. Most of the time, they are done by a paramedic and not a doctor. Most insurers can send these professionals out to a home or business during the day, in the evening, or on a weekend.

The reason to take a physical is that life insurance companies reserve their cheapest premiums for individuals who can prove that they are healthy by providing as much information as possible. In some cases, the price difference may be significant.

Compare No Exam Life Insurance on the Internet

Do you want to find cheap life insurance prices? Premiums can vary a lot between companies. Also, different insurers work in different states and counties.

The best way to find cheap quotes is to compare quotes from multiple insurers. You can use our online forms to do that within minutes, and it’s easy to get started. Just submit the form, see local providers, and compare quotes. We hope to help many consumers find the best life insurance deals by using the Internet.