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No Exam Life Insurance Companies

No Exam Life Insurance Companies

Consumers may have a lot of good reasons to search for good no exam life insurance companies. These insurers offer rapid application processes, and they may even be able to issue no exam life insurance with a couple of hours or a couple of days. Moreover, everything can get done either on the Internet or by phone, so there is no need to schedule an appointment that may disrupt a busy schedule.

Are no exam life insurance companies the right choice for you and your family? You can use our rapid life insurance quotes to find out. Just enter your location and see which companies do business in your city or town. After you view your choices, you are free to begin shopping for competitive cheap life insurance quotes, get more information from a live agent, or even begin applying.

Are No Exam Life Insurance Companies Best for You?

If you are in average health and want a modest amount of life insurance, you may benefit from a quick application and approval process. However, most companies limit the amount of life insurance they will offer without a physical. Also, since insurers don’t get a chance to collect as much information as they could when they require a physical, some people are likely to pay more for the convenience of skipping a physical.

Compare No Exam vs. Exam Required Life Insurance Quotes

These are the limits of coverage for some popular no exam life insurance companies:

  • Sagicor: $399,999
  • Mutual of Omaha: $250,000
  • Fidelity: $300,000

One great thing about Sagicor, as an example of no exam life insurance companies, is that they perform all digital underwriting, and they say many policies get issued in as short a time as a day. In some cases, like to guarantee financing for a home or business, people may need to get their life insurance issued fast.

The Cost of No Exam Life Insurance Companies vs. Exam Required Life Insurance

However, note the difference in monthly premiums from some preliminary life insurance quotes for the same 45-year-old nonsmoking woman in Texas who enjoys very good health and wants $250,000 in coverage for 20 years:

  • With a life insurance physical: $47.57
  • No medical exam required: $80.30

In this case, the applicant could save over $30 a month by taking the physical. Over the course of a 20-year policy, that difference adds up to over a $7,000 difference. Since insurers pay for the life insurance physical, and they will also offer to schedule them at a time and place that is convenient for applicants, it would be worth less than an hour of most people’s time to submit to the physical.

If you apply with no exam life insurance companies, you still need to answer health questions on your application, and these answers could get verified against other sources. Some examples of these sources could be your state’s driving records, the MIB (Medical Information Bureau) where other insurance companies report serious illnesses, and even your doctor. Trying to hide medical conditions is a bad idea, and it could even be construed as fraud that will get your coverage terminated.

Also, because insurers do not collect as much information, they are likely to assign everybody they accept an average rate. People who are in good health and don’t use tobacco might quality for much cheaper rates if they took the time to submit to a quick and noninvasive medical exam.

In other cases, people with chronic illnesses, like high blood pressure or diabetes, may have a better chance getting affordable life insurance if they just schedule the exam to prove that they keep their blood pressure and blood sugar levels stable. Most of the time, the examiner will just record height, weight, and blood pressure, and he may also ask for a urine or blood sample. With some simplified issue policies, the examiner only needs a saliva sample.

Which Kind of Life Insurance is Best for You?

We can help you shop for affordable life insurance in order to make the right choice for your own unique situation. Our simple Internet form offers you online life insurance quotes that you can view on your computer, tablet, or smart phone in a few moments. You are also welcome to use the contact information to find an agent who can answer your questions. We hope that this combination of high-tech life insurance quotes and personal service helps you make the best choice to cover your family.