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No Exam Life Insurance from AARP

*Please note, we’re not affiliated with AARP Life Insurance Company. This is simple a review.

AARP life insurance rates are very popular for people over 50. This nonprofit organization supports the needs of seniors and also offers some financial products. Actually, AARP only markets and endorses this product. It actually comes from New York Life Insurance. While New York Life Insurance is not famous for selling cheap life insurance, it is a very strong and financially stable company that strives to keep policy rates affordable for all different types of people. The company has been around for over a century and a half and is wholly owned by policy owners, so it does not answer to the pressure of shareholders.

AARP Life Insurance From New York Life Insurance

Seniors and people in middle age make up the market for AARP life insurance. The company promotes these three types of plans:

While term is attractive because of the more affordable rates, policies will expire after the 10- or 20-year policy length. Seniors might feel more comfortable with lifetime coverage that will never expire. However, if possible, it is always better to try to answer the health questions on an application to qualify for better rates and benefits. While guaranteed acceptance life insurance is a good solution for some people, it tends to be pricier than coverage that does require a health application.

Is AARP Life Insurance the Best Choice for You?

The best way to shop for a new policy is to compare AARP Life Insurance quotes with rates from other companies. At the same time, you might also compare quotes for different kinds of policies and amounts of coverage. With our convenient online quote forms, that is a very simple task. Comparing rates could save consumers hundreds of dollars over the years that they pan to pay for their policy. In addition, we make comparing life insurance quotes as easy as possible.