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No Exam Life Insurance from Fidelity Life

*Please note, we’re not affiliated with Fidelity Life Insurance Company. This is simple a review.

These days, many consumers are deciding to purchase cheap life insurance because no exam life insurance companies make the process extremely easy. Quite often, the entire application process can get completed online or over the phone. This includes comparing quotes, finishing a short application, and paying premiums. Of course, consumers are also welcome to speak with an agent over the phone or in person if they gave additional questions. If you are in the market for cheap life insurance companies that require no exam, you might consider Fidelity Life Insurance.

Fidelity: No Exam Life Insurance Companies

Fidelity Life Insurance Company was founded over 100 years ago, and its company mission has always been to provide middle class people with affordable life insurance from a strong insurance carrier. Even though this company has been around for over a century, they have kept up with trends, and you can compare quotes online in less than five minutes.

While everybody hopes to find affordable premiums, it’s also important to look for an insurer with the financial strength and customer service record to back up their promises. To help you compare no exam life insurance companies, here are some facts about Fidelity Life Insurance:

This company provides both affordable no exam life insurance for individuals and work site products for employees of companies. This includes both term life and whole life. With different products for different applicants, people from age 0 to over 80 might find good life insurance solutions from Fidelity.

While this insurer offers no exam life insurance, they also offer policies that do require an exam. There is no doubt that applying online or over the phone is very convenient. But in some cases, applicants may find that a fully underwritten policy provides better benefits at a lower price.

The company will pay for the exam, and it usually doesn’t take much time. It’s always a good idea to shop for the very best product for your needs. For some people, taking a life insurance physical makes sense, but others would prefer to skip the hassle.

How to Compare No Exam Life Insurance Companies

There are many top insurance companies that offer both whole and term life with no exam. It is impossible to say which one will offer any one applicant the cheapest premiums or best benefits without taking the time to compare them. However, we making comparing no exam life insurance companies as easy as we possibly can.

All you need to do to get started is use our simple online quote form. You can compare Fidelity to other life insurance companies. After that, you are free to get more information, continue applying, or keep shopping for life insurance.