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No Exam Life Insurance from Foresters Life

*Please note, we’re not affiliated with Foresters Life Insurance Company. This is simple a review.

Do you want to buy cheap life insurance with no hassle? You might consider no exam life insurance from Foresters Life Insurance Company. One thing about this company that is different from most insurers is that it is not owned by outside investors. Instead, Foresters represents a fraternal organization that serves the company’s members, the member’s families, and even the communities that they live in. Besides offering affordable life insurance and other insurance products, this company provides each member with other benefits.

No Exam Life Insurance from Foresters Life

These are some facts about Foresters Life Insurance:

The main advantage of purchasing no exam life insurance from Foresters is that no life insurance physical will be required. This means that all that you need to do is fill out an application, and it usually speeds up the application process considerably. Since this is term life, rates should be fairly cheap when compare with whole or universal life insurance policies from Foresters or any other company.

Is No Exam Life Insurance from Foresters Life Best for Everybody?

There are many positive things to recommend this company for. On the other hand, no exam life insurance from Foresters Life Insurance Company is not the best solution for everybody who wants to buy cheap life insurance. For some people, premiums will be considerably cheaper if they do just consent to take a physical.

Since these exams are usually pretty quick and paid for by the insurance company, it might be worth it to let the company send an examiner to your home or office. For some applicants, especially those who are very healthy and have good health habits, submitting to an insurance exam could save hundreds of dollars on premiums in the course 10, 20, or 30 years.

On the other hand, people with minor health issues might be able to help prove to the insurer that they have these conditions under control by taking an exam. No exam life insurance from Foresters Life is probably best for people who are in average health and just don’t want to take the time to schedule a physical and wait for results. It’s very easy to compare term life insurance quotes to see which option is best for your individual situation.