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No Exam Life Insurance from Nationwide Life

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Are you considering Nationwide life insurance? The formal name of the company is actually Nationwide Mutual Insurance company, and the main headquarters of this company is located in Columbus, Ohio. The company has its roots back in the 1920s when it began doing business as Ohio Farm Bureau Mutual with its original 1,000 policy owners. It’s considered one of the premier life insurance companies out there.

Over the next decades it expanded, and the name was changed to Nationwide in the 1950s to reflect the fact that it served customers all over the country. It also now maintains regional headquarters in Texas, Florida, and other states, and agents all over the country can help clients with the company’s products.

Nationwide Life Insurance

The company is known by the slogan, Nationwide is on Your Side, and Nationwide reported $30 billion in revenue and over 30,000 employees in 2012. Of course, they are probably most widely advertised as a home and property insurer, but Nationwide life insurance is very popular, and the company offers a variety of products.

These are Nationwide life insurance products:

Nationwide Term, Whole, and Universal Life

Again, consumers generally turn to term as a form of cheap life insurance from Nationwide. It is a more affordable solution for families that need plenty of coverage for their homes, spouses, and children. Typical terms are 10, 20, and 30 years, but some people can customize their policies with a term that is shorter to meet their own needs. They even offer no exam life insurance plans.

Older people may turn to a small whole life policy as an affordable solution that will not expire as long as fixed premiums get paid or the policy has been paid off. Of course, people of any age can purchase permanent policies. Buying a while life policy for a child, for example, is an affordable way to give them the gift of lifetime cheap life insurance coverage.

Universal and variable products are more complex, but they can provide a solution for people who want to use their policy as more than insurance. Fixed universal life policies come with some guarantees that policies won’t be cancelled as long as minimum premiums get paid. Variable products are more similar to investment products, and they may come with some risks. Consumers should be sure to understand these types of coverage before they buy.

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