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High Risk Life Insurance

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, you still have a good chance to find affordable life insurance. While very cheap life insurance might be reserved for the most healthy applicants, life insurers are fairly reasonable about chronic medical issues, especially if they are managed according to a doctor’s instructions. If you are willing to take the time to answer questions about your medical situation, you may wonder if no exam life insurance for high risk people is a good solution.

No Exam Life Insurance for High Risk People

If you want to apply for no exam life insurance, you should still be aware that most cheap life insurance policies will still require answers to health questions on an application.

This is what you should know about these medical questions:

Who Should Submit To A Life Insurance Physical?

If you are in very good health, you will probably save money on your premiums if you submit to a physical to back up your claims of good health. When you compare prices for exam required vs. no exam life insurance, you will find that exam required rates are cheaper. Alternatively, if you suffer from a chronic health condition, like diabetes, or have a history of medical problems in the past, taking the physical can actually help you too because they will help the underwriting team make a fair decision.

People in average health are the ones who probably will not benefit that much by taking an exam, and these people may be the most attracted to the idea of getting a quick approval without any hassles. No exam life insurance usually offers a standard rate, and this is what people in average health would probably expect anyway.

Advantages of No Exam Life Insurance

Without requiring an exam, some companies may sell no exam life insurance for high risk people very quickly. Underwriting may be done in a few hours or a few days. With an exam, fully underwritten policies may take a few weeks to get issued. The right choice probably depends upon your sense of urgency about buying life insurance and how much trouble you want to go to in order to save money.

Why not get online life insurance quotes to see how much money or time you could possibly save? By filling out our simply quote form, you can view prices and insurance companies right on your PC screen. After that, you will have a good idea if you should try to qualify for no exam life insurance for high risk people.