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No Exam Life Insurance in California

California is an expensive state to live in, so it is doubly important to consider protecting your home and family with cheap life insurance. Have you put on shopping for coverage? If you are concerned about a time-consuming or intrusive process, you should know that plenty of top companies want to offer you no exam life insurance in California.

It couldn’t be easier to quote and buy no exam life insurance in California. Just fill in our simply online form and get life insurance quotes delivered online or on the telephone. You can even apply from your home or office too.

Quick Facts: California Life

California property values are particular high in the very densely populated parts of the state. When compared to other states, these mortgage values are also high when compared to average incomes in the state.

The biggest California cities are listed with their population here:

California No Medical Exam Life Insurance

While seniors can still get some small whole life policies without a physical, younger adults usually look for no medical exam term life insurance because it has cheaper rates. Even though the insurer does not require an exam, they will still want to ask some health questions for term insurance. You also need to answer these questions to the best of your ability because they may get verified against third-party sources like the Medical Information Bureau, the California Department of Motor Vehicles, and in rarer cases, even your physician.

Also, if you intend to help your parents buy life insurance, you should remember a couple of things. Most importantly, the insured person still has to participate in the application process. Also, setting up automatic payments is the best way from keeping a policy from accidentally lapsing.

Which Californians Should Consider Getting a Life Insurance Physical?

Insurers who don’t require an exam may charge more because they take a bigger risk with less information. Very healthy Californians might enjoy cheaper rates if they set aside some time for a physical and wait a little longer to get their policy approved. Also, insurers limit the size of the death benefit when they don’t require a physical, so you will need to take an exam if you want a death benefit over about $250,000 to $350,000 with most insurers.

Even though some insurers offer term insurance to younger seniors, they may limit the maximum death benefit even more. Also, older people may have to accept a 10 to 20 year term policy, but young adults should be able to choose 30 year term at an affordable price.

Let us help you find the best California life insurance to ensure the security of your family. By completing our quick form, you can find life insurance quotes in your town or city. We work hard to help California families find cheap life insurance from top companies.