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No Exam Life Insurance in New York

A lot of people who live in New York may put off buying life insurance because they assume the process is too complicated and takes too long. However, for folks who live from Manhattan to Niagara Falls, events like getting a new home mortgage, having a child, or tying the knot often make people aware of their need for cheap life insurance. To protect your own house and family, you can find no exam life insurance in New York, and it may only take a few hours or days to get a policy issued. You do not have to put up with the inconvenience of scheduling a life insurance physical or waiting weeks to get your policy approved.

This is also a great time to buy term life insurance in New York because premiums are usually affordable, and it is easy to find the best deal. You can get online life insurance quotes in a few minutes by using our simple quote form. You can also get more information or even begin to apply for coverage on the Internet by clicking through any entry.

Quick Facts About No Exam Life Insurance in New York

This is a list of the biggest New York cities with the largest markets for life insurance:

Buying No Exam Life Insurance in New York

New York State has very strict insurance regulations, and these are meant to protect state residents. However, the number of insurers that do business in the state may be less than you would expect to find in a state with as large of a metro area as New York City.

Still, when you shop for coverage, you are likely to get the best rates if you educate yourself about how no exam life insurance in New York works.

These are typical features of term insurance that does not require a physical:

Why Take A Life Insurance Physical?

Typically, limits for no medical exam term life max out at about $400,000. For seniors, limits are even lower. While younger adults may be able to get 30 year term without a physical, that might be limited to 10 or 20 year term for older people.

If you are interested in getting more coverage, you might have to take a physical. Also, some people actually qualify for cheaper rates when they take the exam, so it might be worth waiting a little longer to get a policy issued. You can always ask the insurer or agent for advice.