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No Exam Life Insurance in Texas

When busy Texas consumers get the urge to buy cheap life insurance, it might be hard to understand why anybody would take the time to get a health exam if they don’t have to. While some insurers require a physical exam as part of the application process, many don’t. People who apply for no exam life insurance in Texas are usually able to get their policies issued within a few days, and they are even able to complete their life insurance application online or over the phone.

Landscape for Texas Consumers

These are some interesting facts about life insurance consumers in the Lone Star State:

Cheap No Exam Life Insurance in Texas

If you compare types of life insurance in Texas, you find that term is cheaper and adequate for the needs of many families. If you decide to buy term, you may wonder if you should apply for no medical exam term or submit to a life insurance exam. There is no question that it is convenient to skip taking a physical, but these are some things to consider:

To illustrate this, compare sample monthly rates for a 45-year-old Texas man who doesn’t smoke and wants $250,000 in coverage for 20 years:

Note that these are only sample rates, and your own premiums might be different because of your age, health, city, or insurance company. However, this demonstrates that a consumer in good health might save about $30 a month on their term life by setting aside about half and hour for a life insurance exam. Over 20 years, this is thousands of dollars difference. The lower price could allow you to purchase a larger policy or set money aside for retirement.

Find Affordable Life Insurance in Texas

For some people, getting no physical life insurance in Texas may not make a big different in premiums. We make it as easy as possible for Texans to compare premiums with our quick online forms. View instant term life insurance quotes for a variety of face values and terms. If you’d like, you can even begin your application on the Internet. Otherwise, you are welcome to call us to have your questions answered.