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Should Christians Have Life Insurance

Question: Should Christians Have Life Insurance?

Most Christians today know that God wants them to be generous with all that He has given them. This is one reason many people practice the discipline of tithing. Tithing is giving back to God a tenth of all that He gives us. This practice usually is most affiliated with Malachi 3:10.

What this means though is that we are responsible to be good stewards of the other 90% that we keep. For many Christians this is not always easy as many live pay check to pay check. Overall besides food, clothing and shelter there are other ways that we can invest our money. Many Christians have some sort of retirement plans like a 401k plans as well as wroth IRA’s. There are a variety of other retirement options but these tend to be the most common.

One important topic that isn’t discussed that much is Christians and life insurance. It’s possible that many Christians feel that owning even an inexpensive term life insurance policy involves a lack of faith. However, there are many Christian financial advisers today who think that purchasing a quality term life insurance policy can be very wise. In reality, we all want to believe that God will prosper us and keep us healthy. However, life is filled with uncertainty. As much as we would like to know what the future holds, the reality is that we don’t know what tomorrow holds. Even purchasing a cheap life insurance policy can be a great way to take care of your family.

The other great thing about Christians and life insurance is that there are many companies out there that prioritize glorifying God. Yes, this would include life insurance companies and even banks. It’s worth contacting a Christian financial expert like Dave Ramsey to see what would work best for your specific situation.

Should you choose to purchase a life insurance policy, you may want to consider having some of the benefits go to a church, charity or other Christian organization that you support. This would help ensure that some of the payout from your life insurance policy would go to supporting a great cause.

Life insurance isn’t for every Christian and you may choose not to invest in a plan. However, if you’ve been thinking and praying about if you should, it seems there may be some validity to purchasing a policy.